Dear Pulse, Where Did You Go?

Hello from Pulse. We are still here and we have been really busy. After our last post on this blog, we took a holiday on July 4th, ate some hotdogs, drank some beer and shot off some fire works. We also realized that our website was non-Google Chrome compliant and that many of our clients were trying to place orders via their smart phones and iPads. It was time for an overhaul.

So we decided to get to work on a state of the art website. We assembled a great team and got to deconstructing each part of our site and rebuilding it and to make it great. We have added some new partners and some new products as well as retiring some other things.

The new site has been in the works for the last six months and it is finally up at www.pulsetattoo.com  .We have added many new features to make it easier to get around and place an order. We did have to let our database go because it was not going to work with our new site, so you will have to re-sign up for your account and we are sorry for the inconvenience. Your new account though will have better features along with an order history and up to date shipping info. It will also make you eligible for some special "Customer Only" deals and products.

The new site will also open on just about any platform iPhones to desktops. We have added a new Workshop area and we now take PayPal! Also our Pulse Blog is back and built right into our new site, check it out here - Pulse Blog

Also check out our redesigned logo up top, we wanted something to reflect our old logo, but with a new twist. Pulse now has many projects in the works for 2013, our new website is just the begining. We have enjoyed this blog and thank everyone who has followed us over the last couple years here. The blog will stay up as an archive and we hope everyone will move over to the new blog.  Welcome to Pulse 2.0!

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