Take What You Can...Again

Now back in stock is Martin LaCasse's Classic book "Take What You Can...Give Nothing Back". It's now a softcover version @$30. If you lost yours or your clients chewed it up, or if you have the hardcover version (now a collectors item) grab a copy of reprint. This book is a classic in tattooing, loaded with drawings, paintings and flash from Martin. On sale right here.


Pulse 10 Year Special FOUR

For our fourth Anniversary promotion we put together a collection of our new 2010 stickers. This limited edition pack contains 24 unique stickers for the Anniversary price of $10. This years stickers are one of the best crops ever. It also contains the limited 10 yr retrospective sticker of 100 Pulse stickers. Get yours now because they are limited to a little over 100 sets, and thanks for all your support through the years! Available now Pulse 10th Anniversary Sticker Pack $10.00