Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous...

Inspired by our friend Willie Wonka, Pulse now has GOLDEN TICKETS!Unlike Wonka's Golden Ticket, we will not be limiting our prizes to only 5 tickets. We've made a bunch of tickets! Prizes include free clip cords, gift cards, inks, discount coupons AND some lucky winners will find a Golden Ticket for FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE! How can you get your hands on one? It's simple! Just place an order. Every order you place with us is another chance to win. Check your invoice pack out to see if you're a lucky winner!
"Four down, one to go, and somewhere out there a lucky person is moving closer and closer to the most sought after prize in history. Though we cannot help but envy whoever he is, and we may feel bitter but we must remember there are more important things, *many* more important things. Though offhand I cannot think of what they are but I'm sure there must be something. "

*Golden Ticket promotion starts on November 1st


Who doesn't love a good birthday cake?

Hello Pulse Fans! It's me, Katie of Pulse, and I will also be contributing to the Pulse Tattoo Chronicles now. This next story just so happened to be the perfect opportunity for me to jump in and share some awesomeness with you.

Occasionally we receive photos from loyal customers rocking their Pulse gear. Now, for those of you who don't know I have recently become completely obsessed with baking and cake decorating. You can only imagine how thrilled I was to receive this email from Andy in Australia with a photo of this cake representation of our Executive liner! Andy's boss had this cake made for him for his birthday. Happy Birthday Andy!

If you have any photos of your Pulse gear or the art it helped to create feel free to email them to Katie@PulseTattoo.Com, I'd love to check them out :)


More Positivity from Gunnar...

As you may have read in our previous post, Gunnar recently visited us. While he was here, he picked up a sample set of Established. We were very happy to hear that he liked it, and even happier to see that he liked it enough to "social network" about it! Thanks Gunnar! And thanks to Myke Chambers too!

There was this tweet... And then there was this tweet... Which led to this picture on Instagram...And then there was ANOTHER tweet...Which led to this picture on his Instagram...And this picture prompted a question and that question was answered by Myke Chambers...
So, long story short, we're very happy to see that Established is starting to get some positive reviews out there on the world wide web.

Have you tried it yet? If you have, we'd love to hear what you think too. Contact us and let us know! If you haven't, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


New Ink...

Introducing Established! Established or EST. for short, is a new ink available exclusively from Pulse. We're very excited to have it. Working with an established formula (thus the name), this new pigment was created to be bright and solid, while also maintaining an ease of workability. Plus the square bottles are great space savers, in your station or on the road.

We are now offering 37 colors in the new Established color line. You should try one today!I think we are the first company to ever offer a "Create Your Own" Sample Set. You choose the colors you want to try! Is that innovative or what?


Gunnar Visits Pulse...

Gunnar came by to see us, and for those of you who haven't heard, he's all about spreading a new positive message with hopes of being part of the solution. He's got the right idea and it was a refreshing change to talk to someone who genuinely would like see some positive changes in our industry, and is starting with himself to help make them. Thanks for the breath of fresh air Gunnar!

While he was here...He spent some quality time with Brett and picked up some of our all new Established inks.

He even found some time to finish Katie's leg. That's a beauty!

Check out Gunnar and his new campaign for positivity...
On Twitter
On the TAM Blog
And on his website


"Build Your Own" Workshop III with Workhorse Irons...

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering of 2012 was the location of another successful "Build Your Own" tattoo machine building workshop. Just like our past "BYO" workshops, we combined forces with Workhorse Irons. Workhorse Irons was a main sponsor of this year's Paradise Tattoo Gathering and BJ Johnson came out in full force with the Workhorse staff. It was great to see everyone, and in some cases meet for the first time after YEARS of phone calls and emails. Hi Johnny!

For this year's "BYO" workshop, Brett and BJ designed a frame together that incorporated great features from both Pulse and Workhorse. The result was... Well, it was pretty awesome. And pretty exclusive. The machine's production was limited to the number of people in the workshops.

We held the workshop for two groups over two days, and everything went great! Here are some photos of the action...

We hoped everyone who attended has as much fun as we did.


Tattoo Masters No.13 - Now With More Brett Bryan

The very good people of Tattoo Masters magazine gave me a good turn and featured me in their new issue #13. They did a stellar job putting together the article and I couldn't be more excited. It really felt good being featured and interviewed after 12 years in this business of building machines and designing equipment for tattooing.
They featured a ton of machines that Pulse has put out through the years and crafted some really interesting questions for the interview. I am also happy to be featured in such a large European magazine. We sell a lot of equipment overseas but it's great to be exposed in a larger audience. I have also gotten some really great feedback from the feature already.
If you are unfamiliar with the magazine you should check it out. It is based out of the U.K. and they really go into depth with their interviews. They get people to share a lot of technical information and they have a global scope to their features. The magazine is oversized and printed on really great, heavy weight paper! You can get this issue direct from Tattoo Masters or treat yourself to a subscription.Tattoo Masters Magazine
Thanks again to Dave , the entire staff of Tattoo Masters, and tattoo artist Brandon Bond who suggested they run a feature on Pulse. Cheers!!


Nathan Kostechko...

We recently spotted Nathan Kostechko using a Pulse Solution tattoo machine at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Hancock, MA.
This shot pleases me to no end because when I first met Nathan, I used to call him "Air Supply"! At that time he was all Neuma tattoo machines, all the time! Nothing against those, of course! But, we were very glad that when he decided to come back to using Ben Franklin's good old fashioned electricity, he chose us. Thanks, Nathan!

You can check Nathan out here