Dri Loc Back In Stock

Our new black Dri Loc pads are back in stock. Beside being both black and the best thing to wrap a fresh tattoo in, they now come in a new resealable bag. This is ideal for keeping them clean and easily accessible. We must give a shout out to Jimmy from Lucky's Supply who hooked us up with this idea.
I have also gotten the question about who's arm is wrapped up with the Dri Loc in the catalog. It's our own Ms. Jessica, her sleeve is from Cory Kruger.
...and no, she didn't actually get tattooed in our warehouse.


Fresh Flash

We have just added some fresh new flash sets from the likes of Mike Dorsey, Kevin Riley, Mason Williams and Pat Murdough. Check them out in all their full color splendor in the Flash section.

All New Pulse Elastic Washer

When we were prototyping our Belmont machine, artist Tim Brewer noticed that he couldn't get the tension he liked on his needle. This was caused by the open back frame design - it didn't have anywhere for an elastic to catch. We thought on this a minute and then cooked up this idea. Why not create a catch for the elastic. We made it out of fiber board, so you could just replace one of the rear fiber washers. After a bunch of attempts we settled on this design and we feel it works great. The more angle you put on the tab the more tension you can create, so it allows you to dial in the tension. It will work for any frame that has an open back end design. It comes standard on our new Belmont machine and we now have a pack of 4 for a buck.

Old Friend Makes Good

> Film Director and old Friend Giovanny Blanco stopped by Pulse. He was in from L.A. putting together interviews for a new documentary entitled "Music Saved My Life". I was interviewed for a segment about what people have done since retiring from music. It was cool to talk about how much those band years helped become building blocks for the business that is Pulse. You never know what is gonna lead to what. I look forward to what Gio comes up with. His new movie Cornelius comes out in August, check into it if you see it in your area. We also kicked over some ideas for a documentary about being a tattoo artist, for real, no T.V. show, who knows...


The Conversion Has Begun.

The early feedback on our new vise system has been very positive. We have decided to integrate this new system into our other frames. We started this month with the Solution. It will now feature our brand new P-Nut guillotine vise. It locks down tubes tight and wont warp or close down on itself. Little by little over the course of this year we are planning on changing over all the frames. Up next -the Executive.


She's A Brick....House.

Our good friend Joe Capobianco stopped by yesterday with his new machines. Joe designed a great looking machine that has been hand made in Brazil. It's an Iron frame stuffed with ten wrap coils and handmade brass hardware. Each rig is numbered and comes in a great looking box that we helped Joe design and produce. The new machine is available as a liner and a shader. She's been dubbed the "Brickhouse" and she's lett'in it all hang out... Sorry I couldn't help myself. Scoot on over to Joe's site http://www.joecapobianco.com/ to pick one up.


It's finally here...the new Pulse catalog!

What a wait, it feels like two years, oh I think it has been two years. Well it's here now, straight outta Hong Kong and hot off the press. We are super proud of the new book, we feel we took this one way over the top. The new catalog is packed full of new equipment and gear as well as old favorites. We are going to begin to ship these out in April, if you have made a purchase with us in the last 5 years we have one with your name on it, just be patient. If you can't wait feel free to down load the PDF file at www.pulsetattoo.com . Thanks for supporting us through the years we appreciate it. - B


New Pulse Machine Preview

I wanted to start things off with a preview of the new rigs. We have spent the last year working , and re-working our new line of machines, and we are super happy with the results. We've installed some dynamic changes, the two biggest being 5/8" rear springs on all the new machines along with a new vise system... these should hit the streets right after the first of January, along with our new catalog. -B.

Welcome to the Pulse Blog

Hello from Pulse, and welcome to our new blog. We're adding this feature to be able to add updates, showcase future products, and give some insight into the inner works of Pulse. Thanks for checking us out, we look forward to your visits. -B