Free Flash Set -June Only

To help celebrate our tenth anniversary we were lucky enough to have an all-star cast of friends chip in some great skull artwork for this exclusive set of Pulse flash.
This set is a limited edition exclusive and will only be printed from June 1st to June 30th and then that's it. Like Disney it goes back into the vault. The other thing that makes this set exclusive is the fact it's not for sale. It is a thank you for anyone who makes a purchase over $300. from Pulse in the month of June. So if you have been thinking about buying a machine or some new flash, this is the month to do it.
The set is two color sheets and one black and grey and includes art from
Nick Baxter * Needles * Drew Rash * Hunter Spanks * Kris Gregoire * Edu Cerro * Greg Larsen * Bud Garo * Piotr Kopytek * Liberty Tattoo * Pat Murdough * Jay Langer * Joel Molina * Andrew Connor * Lou Jacque * Bob Tyrrell * Mason Williams * Kevin Riley * Tim Brewer & Tilt.

A very special "thank you" to all the artists who participated in the set, we appreciate it. Enjoy.


Matt Hoffman BMX Hero / Pulse User?

Growing up I was huge into BMX and I have always drawn from those design aesthetics when I design equipment for Pulse. In the BMX/ Freestyle world there is no greater king of that sport that Mat Hoffman.
The other day I was reading Mat's blog and it seems he has been tattooing some of his friends of late and I couldn't help but notice that Mat seems to be rocking a Pulse Executive machine. It feels good when people you respect use your equipment, but Mat Hoffman. The Condor. That is very cool, and I can't stop smiling.
Mat Hoffman has always been the real deal, check out his latest exploits at mathoffman.com


Pulse Flashback -Circa 2001

I was doing a little spring cleaning the other day and came across these gems from back in the day. I think this is 2001 or 2002. It feels like 50 years ago, I know it's cliche but time really does fly.I am not sure what I was thinking with the "soul patch", was I trying to drag the 90's into the 21st century? I don't think it avoided the razor much past this photo. My man Lyle Tuttle doesn't seem to be as happy to be hanging out with me as I am with him. That dude have 400 packs of nicorette gum in his room. He does own some really great machines, I hope he publishes his entire collection some day.
Damn what is Jessica, like 18? Did she even graduate high school yet? Good times for sure, we have come a long way.