Friday, Art Day

From his innovative tattoo work to his stunning art, Robert Hernandez is one of the leaders in the industry today. I feel Robert takes his cues from many classic painters and then translates that study into his tattoo work. This piece is a pastel from Robert and it seems to morph over time . I always see something new every time I stop to check it out.
The absolute best thing about pastel pieces is the fact that the artist usually does the bulk of the work with their bare fingers. You can't get more involved than that, Robert's art will always spark some new ideas. http://www.rhernandeztattoos.com/newindex.htm

I do own a lot of art from Joe Capobianco, he is one of my favorites so that is to be expected. This piece is from the early 90's and further more if this girl existed I would want to date her in the worst way. www.joecapobianco.com


New Martin LaCasse Book Coming!

We just got our hands on some secret proof sheets from publisher Presto Art. They put out Martin's best selling "Take what you can...give nothing back". They are getting ready to go to press with Martin's new book "Three Sixty Five".
Martin created tattoo sketches everyday for a year. Each month he focused on a different subject from flowers to koi to skulls. The rumor is that the book is actually going to be 4 books in a slip case. Over 375 pages, it's going to be amazing and has a tentative street date mid-September. We have also cut a deal to be one of the retailers for the special edition. Stay tuned because it's going to be serious.


We're Sell Outs!

Yes, it's true we've sold out. Our "Build Your Own" Workshop at this years Paradise Tattoo Gathering in September is sold out. Thank you to everyone who has signed up, we are going to have a lot of fun.

Some Fine Art For Friday

This weeks treat is from artist Jason Limon. Jason has a great blend of mechanical and organic subject matter and it's usually intertwined. The real amazing thing is the amount of craftsmanship that Jason puts into the canvas. If you look close you can see he has cut out shapes and then covers them with canvas. It's really impressive in real life.
Each letter of this painting is it's own individual canvas piece. Check out Jason's Blog for a step by step of how he goes about it. Really unique. Also love the painting, real clever. http://www.limon-art.com/

Also this week is a piece from tattoo artist Jon Sweet. Jon had a show a few years back with Tom Strom and the room was filled with so many amazing pieces. Jon has great arsenal of imagery. Also a wonderful frame. http://uptowntattoo.com/author/jon


Paradise Promo Bags

As one of the primary sponsors of this year Paradise Tattoo Gathering we are putting together a bag of promotional goods for both the participating artists and anyone who buys a weekend artists pass. Last year we had some good stuff, catalogs, needles, samples, stickers, and flash. This year is shaping up to be even better, along with the catalogs and promo stuff we will also have stuff from Kingpin tattoo, Presto Art, Easy Glow, Morphix Grips, and a few more. Plus the bag is nylon and perfect for ...well for your girlfriend to bring to the beach. But it will be cool at the show.

Jessica also had the good sense to order a new bag for walk-in's, this will hold a ton, so come on down and we will fill one up for ya.


Fine Art Friday -This is pretty cool.

This weeks featured painting from our collection is from artist and toy designer extraordinaire Joe Ledbetter. I have been a fan of Joe's character for more than a few years now. Ledbetter's strength is his simplicity. He picks great lines and creates a great mixture of line weights. I also like the way his style has a retro cartoon feel. He also has some snappy titles and his art translates into toys like no one else. Our piece is entitled "Sleepless Nights #2" -Now here is the cool part.
Joe's new art book came last week and I just got my copy the other day. So I settled in to this new collection and right when I open the book.....

Boom, they used my painting as the end sheet illustration. How cool is that. I own a few painting now that have been printed in books and it is always a great feeling. http://www.joeledbetter.com/

Also this week is a unique collectible. A few years ago tattoo artist Jay Langer had a created a company -Tattoo Artist Prints - that featured prints from artists all over the tattoo world. They were limited and the art was great. Jay had created 4 sets of promotional pins that were very limited. He was kind enough to hook me up with all 4 sets. http://www.jaylanger.com/

Guillotine Replacement Shaft Available

We have made our new guillotine vise system shaft available as a replacement part. We had gotten a few calls from some folks who did an Incredible Hulk on their new vises and stripped it. So for those who need to torque their vise down with a death grip, well we got a replacement. http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=281


Fox Shirts In Stock.

Our all new Dave Fox / Pulse T Shirts are in stock now. The shirt is deep gray and we are stocking it Medium to XXXL. http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=261

Friday, Fine Art Time

One of the hottest artists working on the West Coast right now is Sylvia Ji, and I waited for a couple years to be able to have a chance to acquire a piece. But as you can see it was well worth the wait. She has become the Queen of doing chicks with " Día de los Muerto" makeup. It has worked it's way into tattooing pretty good, and I see a lot of Sylvia's work in the skin. You can see a lot of Sylvia's work here http://www.sylviaji.com/
One of the coolest styles I have seen in a long while belongs to Alberto Ruiz. This sketch was a gift, and showcases this artists unique style. His body studies are very fluid and funky, it gives a nice tip to a different style. He also creates some very unique models and is the publisher of the "Brand Studios" Books. He has published quite a library of books from Dean Yeagle to J. Scott Campbell. Want to get motivated - http://processjunkie.blogspot.com/


TAM Back In Stock

We have caught up on our back issues of Tattoo Artist Magazine and they are in stock now. Issue's #13,#14 and #15 ready to go. The magazines have some lengthy features on Jeff Gogue, Shige, Scott Harrison, Uncle Allan, Steve Byrne, Tony Hundahl and others. We should have issue #17 in stock in August. http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=285

Some Old Snaps.

Whoa, I'm not sure where these fell out of, these have to be Circa 01-02. I am not sure if we were doing promo for a small machine building company or trying to do shots for a record cover. Maybe a little of both. Well, you can't take yourself too serious right?

Well at least Alex was working.


Brand New Flash

We have just added some brand new flash. The first new set is chock full o' Hunter Spanks goodness. Hunter just released his newest 10 sheet set and it's packed with some great designs. Refresh your walls for summer. http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=351
Hunter also teamed up with Uncle Allan who was just featured a couple issues back in Tattoo Artist Magazine. Together they have cooked up some really fresh ideas, there's a Gene Simmons demon head that rocks, check it out http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=380

Also new this week is a great 10 sheet set of black and grey from Jamie Cross. I worked with Jamie for years at a local shop and his art has grown a bunch since he started. It's always great to see people you started out with do well. This stuff would look great on the skin. It's all available now http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=315


Dave Fox Pulse Shirt Coming

Bad Ass artist Dave Fox has created a new shirt design for us. Dave weaves his metal magic into this viking skeleton, demon snake piece. Dave is one of the most creative people working in tattooing today and we love the design. The shirts should be available in the next couple weeks and wait to you see the shirt in full color, it's a knock out.

It's Friday... Two Joe's

What a great portrait from comic artist and illustrator Joe Chiodo. I have been a huge fan of Joe's since he did some cover work for Gen13 many years ago. He is a unique pin up artist, I have always felt that this piece looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor. Check out Joe http://www.joechiodo.com/
Also this week is a classic from none other than Joe Capobianco. Joe painted this Pulse Nurse for us for a sticker we put on our repair kit for years. It doesn't get more "Capo Girl" than this. Who's better than Joe?. Joe has a new blog that follows his current works, he has been switching up his style a bit lately. Check into it http://whatsnottalike.blogspot.com/