Friday, Art Day

From his innovative tattoo work to his stunning art, Robert Hernandez is one of the leaders in the industry today. I feel Robert takes his cues from many classic painters and then translates that study into his tattoo work. This piece is a pastel from Robert and it seems to morph over time . I always see something new every time I stop to check it out.
The absolute best thing about pastel pieces is the fact that the artist usually does the bulk of the work with their bare fingers. You can't get more involved than that, Robert's art will always spark some new ideas. http://www.rhernandeztattoos.com/newindex.htm

I do own a lot of art from Joe Capobianco, he is one of my favorites so that is to be expected. This piece is from the early 90's and further more if this girl existed I would want to date her in the worst way. www.joecapobianco.com

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