Some Fine Art For Friday

This weeks treat is from artist Jason Limon. Jason has a great blend of mechanical and organic subject matter and it's usually intertwined. The real amazing thing is the amount of craftsmanship that Jason puts into the canvas. If you look close you can see he has cut out shapes and then covers them with canvas. It's really impressive in real life.
Each letter of this painting is it's own individual canvas piece. Check out Jason's Blog for a step by step of how he goes about it. Really unique. Also love the painting, real clever. http://www.limon-art.com/

Also this week is a piece from tattoo artist Jon Sweet. Jon had a show a few years back with Tom Strom and the room was filled with so many amazing pieces. Jon has great arsenal of imagery. Also a wonderful frame. http://uptowntattoo.com/author/jon

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