The Return of Fine Art Friday

Sorry I missed Fine Art Friday last week, but I am back on track. This weeks fare showcases the work of one Bawidamann, Andrew Bawidamann. I have been a fan of his work for years. The cool thing about his work is it looks a bit like it was done on the computer. It has those clean lines and blocks of great color that almost look like they were created in Adobe Illustrator. But they are all painted by hand. The strength of his art lies in it's simplicity also. If he only needs two lines he only uses two lines. Good lesson.
Bawidamann's unique style of Pin-ups are usually clad in WWII and military style gear, so I dug this piece for it's Southern California vibe. Check out his stuff, his store is always stocked to the top with T-shirts and print. The_Art_of_Bawidamann
Yet another great sketch from Greg "Craola" Simkins. This was from his show entitled, "Don't Sleep". This idea of having his characters in an amusement style ride is a reoccurring theme for Greg. Let's hope that one day Greg gets popular enough that someone makes a CRAOLA LAND. We will be able to ride on these wonderful inventions. Greg has also opened a new store and anything there would make a great give for the holidays The_art_of_Craola
BONUS: Because I missed last week I wanted to add a bonus piece. This awesome heart sculpture piece comes from the multi-talented Eric Merrill. This dude can do anything. This piece rocks in real life because of it's 3D element. Great stuff Hope_Gallery_Tattoo


Sons of Anarchy / Pulse Tattoo

Here at Pulse we have been fans of the "Sons of Anarchy" show since it started. We got a phone call last week letting us know that next week on the season finally our machines and equipment will be featured in one of the scenes. Henry Rollin's character A.J. Weston is going to get tattooed with a Pulse machine in a tattoo shop scene. We have worked with this prop company before and our stuff has been featured on "Nip/Tuck" and "Prison Break". It's pretty cool to see your stuff on T.V., so tune in and check it out.

Robert Tyrrell New Prints

Just in time for the holiday season are new prints from Robert Tyrrell Sr. Robert is tattoo artist Bob Tyrrell's dad. He has created a new Wolf man print as well as a Zombie that looks suspiciously like some one we all know. If you already own the Dracula and Frankenstein Monster you are going to want to add these to the set. Available-Here-Click_It


Friday's Fine Art

This weeks selection comes from an artist by the name of Raphael, I mistakenly thought our friend Krystof created it, but he is just the main scientist character. He created this version of Pulse in the lab via water color markers. I always like the piece due to it's comic book layout. It's a bit askew, almost as if someone is looking in on the operation, but maybe staying hidden out of view. Hmmm. Upon placing the detail of the piece into the blog I noticed the top of the scientist's paperwork is the title John 3:16 which quotes the bible -"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life". Is the message that the Pulse scientists are trying to create another messiah in giant test tube. Are their machines savior like? By using their equipment will your tattoo's live on forever? Deep waters. I am not sure where Raphael is working now, but Krystof recently relocated to sunny Las Vegas Nevada. He now plies his work at Club Tattoo in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Nice work if you can get it http://www.clubtattoo.com/

Another cool piece comes from another old school pal of ours the illustrious Gunnar. This is an older piece of his. It was definitely a forerunner to his current style, and that is why I dig it. I also felt the piece had a lot of emotion. Why the tears sweet geisha? Happiness or sorrow? I always felt she looked a little ambiguous. Like perhaps she has just gotten word that her master has been slain on the battle field. She must shed tears because it is expected of her, yet she is joyful inside that she may be gaining her freedom? Did I look into it too far, perhaps... Hey Gunnar still rocks...http://www.myspace.com/artofgunnar


Bloodwork Has Arrived!

It has arrived, and it is fantastic. I have been lucky enough to have a pre-release copy of the book sent to me by adrian lee, the mastermind behind the project. I have looked though this book everyday for last week. There is a lot to absorb and is easily the most deluxe book ever produced of tattoos.
Bloodwork gives a whole new meaning to oversize coffee table book, weighing in at 12 pounds and 16" tall by 9.5" wide the book is huge. It comes nestled in the most unique slipcase I have ever seen. It's a two piece slipcase with a die cut that shows the lenticular cover detail. The lenticular picture on the cover shows motion. It is set off nicely by a circular foil stamp. It is very impressive.The book is 350 pages, and each feature folds out to an amazing 30" print. Each sleeve was photographed by Max Dolberg, from every conceivable angle. The layouts are really fantastic. Look how big this book is, damn.
The Kolectiv has been extended to include some of the best artists working today. Featuring sleeves from Guy Aitchinson, Aaron Cain, adrain lee, GRIME, Filip Leu, Juan Puente, Chris Trevino and tons more. The lineup is a real who's who.
The quality of this book is unparalleled and really unprecedented . I can't say enough good things about all the books that have been launched from this core collection of California tattoo artists. From "Suits Made to Fit" to "Full Coverage" and now "Bloodwork: Sleeves" these are amazing books that make you feel good to be a part of this art form. It is limited to only 1500 copies and I am sure that a good portion of these are already overseas. Don't wait on this one, we have it available in store now. Enjoy! Bloodwork:Sleeves_Available_Now


Fine Art Friday

This weeks work is from a power duo. Direct from Philly wonder twin powers activated on this one. Dave Fox did this painting with Josh Hoffman. They created a set of prints and I was lucky enough to snag this piece. I do believe they were going to start a set of flash and it morphed into a series of paintings. Both these dudes have great styles and they work really well together. Love the pirate imagery - this is a power house of a piece.
Keep up with the crew -Dave_Fox_Studio_One
Also this week is a great painting from artist Jamie Cross. Jamie and I worked together for years at a couple different studios. I have always enjoyed watching Jamie grow through the years with both his tattooing and painting skills. Jamie has always had a tremendous enthusiasm for tattooing that still survives to this day. He has developed a great following for this monochromatic work. I have always like this piece. Look him up Jamie_Cross_Tattoo.


Machine Heads - Prepare to Lose Your Minds - I Did

Once you have been in this business for a minute you can sometimes feel like you have "seen it all" and then someone like Larry Ross comes along and blows you away. I met Larry last year at a convention and he wanted to show me some of his custom machines. He opened his machine case up and all the sudden it was like someone opened a treasure chest. A crowd gathers instantly around him and his machines. Larry has thought of every crazy idea you have ever had about building a machine then some. He has 4 coil machines, wood machines, over the top rigs, tube through the front coil machines! Yes you read that right.
This year we ran into him and once again he did not disappoint. He had some crazy machines. The night before we ran into Larry, I was talking to Soba about machine design and he sketched an idea he had out on a napkin. The machine would have no rear spring, just a pivot point and the spring would be provided on the front coil. He wanted to use a coil spring that could be swapped out for different compressions.
The very next day as we talked with Larry, he pulled it out of his case. He had the same idea, oh and he also turned the coil sideways and created a crazy side bar loop front binder stay. He is awesome. Everything he makes is a one off, hand made by him in his workshop in Vermont. He doesn't create production machines so to speak. But he does sell some of these machines. Everything Larry builds is beautiful, he mixes materials, he mixes different finishes, he has created whole new ideas about machines. It is so exciting to see his work, you just get overwhelmed. (at least I do)
Yes this machine has 4 coils, it runs, and he wired them as two pairs not a sequence. I always wondered...
I loved this idea of a shape on the end of a spring. Look close at the amount of handwork involved. You can still see the marker lines on his hand cut spring and the jack he cut down to make his contact point out of, I also think that is a lamp switch that he is using to hold it all together. It is all about the details with these machine, Larry is a true artist!No this is not an illusion. I have had some crazy ideas in the past, in fact I have a sketchbook full of them, but not in my wildest drawings did I ever have this idea. Ever. Look close. Yes he made a machine where the tube goes right up through the coils. The a-bar is notched out like a horseshoe with a nipple in the center.
I know what your thinking....cause I was thinking it too.....
It can't possibly run...can it? IT DOES, it runs alright. I don't think you are going to shade a 13 mag for two hours with it, but you could line with it. A-mazing.
He really has some gems, the craftsmanship is only eclipsed by the creativity. This machine was coated with a hard grey coating I had never seen. Larry said it was parkerizing, some process the military uses. Crazy.
Yeah, wrap the old melon around this rig.
Great concept. Fully functional. Another pivot rig with compression spring front. Unreal. Tim Brewer was geeked, Soba was geeked. Larry will share any information he has. He answers every question you have and provide answers about the details, super gracious.
As for me, well you can see my face. I get over excited, a bit. And unfortunately for Larry I have a thousand questions.
Really the most impressive thing is that all the machines run, crazy ideas, mixed metals, weird parts, antique pieces, they all run. Larry is true craftsman and a total inspiration to me and I hope to everyone who meets him. He really cares about tattoo machines and what he builds. That is very rare in this business and he should be applauded. You won't meet a nicer a guy, with such a high level of commitment to see his ideas through to a finished product. Thank you Larry Ross, you rule. You must now go check out some of his other machines in full color. http://www.bodyblendstudio.com/