Friday's Fine Art

This weeks selection comes from an artist by the name of Raphael, I mistakenly thought our friend Krystof created it, but he is just the main scientist character. He created this version of Pulse in the lab via water color markers. I always like the piece due to it's comic book layout. It's a bit askew, almost as if someone is looking in on the operation, but maybe staying hidden out of view. Hmmm. Upon placing the detail of the piece into the blog I noticed the top of the scientist's paperwork is the title John 3:16 which quotes the bible -"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life". Is the message that the Pulse scientists are trying to create another messiah in giant test tube. Are their machines savior like? By using their equipment will your tattoo's live on forever? Deep waters. I am not sure where Raphael is working now, but Krystof recently relocated to sunny Las Vegas Nevada. He now plies his work at Club Tattoo in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Nice work if you can get it http://www.clubtattoo.com/

Another cool piece comes from another old school pal of ours the illustrious Gunnar. This is an older piece of his. It was definitely a forerunner to his current style, and that is why I dig it. I also felt the piece had a lot of emotion. Why the tears sweet geisha? Happiness or sorrow? I always felt she looked a little ambiguous. Like perhaps she has just gotten word that her master has been slain on the battle field. She must shed tears because it is expected of her, yet she is joyful inside that she may be gaining her freedom? Did I look into it too far, perhaps... Hey Gunnar still rocks...http://www.myspace.com/artofgunnar

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