Spring Cleaning!

Ok so maybe we are a little late. That or else really early for next year. Either way, we were cleaning out our warehouse the other day and came across these two rare beauties!Both of these machines are still equipped with Pulse’s original Pivot Vise! We no longer manufacture machines with this type of vise so if you are a fan (which based on the phone calls I’ve received I know some of you are) this is your LAST chance to grab one.

The first machine we found is a Septa shader with 8 wrap coils. The Septa is built with a 3/8" core coil which gives it some extra power for that great solid color work.

The second machine we uncovered is this super unique Specialist liner equipped with a mini jack deck! This Specialist has 8 wrap coils and a hand cut cutback front spring. It runs quick and would be great for long lines with those smaller needle groupings.
These will not be available on the website so if you’d like to get your hands on a machine with the original Pulse pivot vise call us at 888.824.5529!


Tattoo Age...

Has anyone not seen these Tattoo Age videos yet? We think they're fantastic, and have really enjoyed watching them. If you haven't seen them yet, do yourself a favor and check them out. One of my favorites so far has been this one on Mike Rubendall...
And in the first episode, I spotted Justin Weatherholtz's tattoo client wearing a Pulse Tshirt!
It's a stretch, I know, but I'll take product placement wherever I can get it!


Just In Time for the Holidays...

For more information on or to purchase ASPECTS OF THE DEAD click here.
For more information on or to purchase WITH THE LIGHT OF TRUTH click here.
All three new books can be found in the "Library" section of our website. While your there you should be able to find a great gift for every tattooer in your life!