Easy Glow, Now in 4 Ounce.

It is finally here, it is in stock and ready to ship. We have every color ready to go in 4 ounce bottles. ( We still don't have Flesh) But we do have all the other great colors. If you have tried the 1 oz and like the colors now is a good time to splurge on 4oz. It is also great to break up some 4oz grab a white and yellow and mix up some of your own tints. Give us a call or check out the site. If you have been waiting for us to stock we will be calling everyone tomorrow and the next day, thanks for your patience.

Fine Art Returns

We were away last Friday at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and missed the update, but we are back. Josh Hoffman did this awesome "Rock of Ages" painting for us. He substituted the traditional stone cross for our gear logo. Josh's work has a special touch to it, he is a great composer and constructor of both paintings and tattoos. Clean lines and great layouts!
Over the years I had built three or four machines for Josh, but they never seemed to hit hard enough for him. I did just about everything I could think of to make a hard hitting machine, in fact the last rig I did hurt my thumb as I tested it without a needle set up. Trust me it hit, but I still don't think it was hard enough. I guess Josh Hoffman is like L.L. Cool J "Hard as hell".
The piece also made it's way to a Pulse T. We are very happy with it.
We are also the proud owners of Josh Hoffman's Abrasions skate deck. Josh painted the piece on paper then cut it out and shellacked it to the board. That is some serious scissor control. JoshHoffman

Back to School Books

Just in is the new issue of Tattoo Artist Magazine with some great articles. We are also stocking a new book from Incognito Press entitled Lost Art that features some vintage flash. Both are available now. TAM 16 & LostArt . Get ready because this is just the start of a great fall season of books. In the next couple weeks we expect new books from Joe Capobianco, Bloodworks (Sleeve Book) from adrian lee and company, as well as the new book from Martin LaCasse.


Friday, Art Time

Yet another great painting from Shawn Barber. I have been a fan since Shawn begin using the art of tattooing as his subject matter. The energy and point of view that he captures is truly unique. No one has ever put this particular spin on the process. He also has a great way with portraits. He grasps something that no one else does, I love his art and hope he keeps creating painting using tattooing as his subject matter. Always eye opening http://www.sdbarber.com/
This piece comes from an unknown artist and was a gift from my good friend Thug Josh. He was recently in Vietnam and bought this piece for me outside of a temple. It is silk screened on a burbur type of fabric. I think they silk screened right there while he waited. No big machine or special printer. BY HAND! Each screen.
Check out the details, just incredible. Craftsmanship comes in all mediums, I think here in the U.S. we take silkscreening for granted. It is how they make concert T-shirts and posters, but it can be elevated to a great artform. I am going to keep my eye out to add some more quality silk screen pieces to our collection here at Pulse.


You Must Represent. If you want.

Our new Pulse Machine T shirts are in and they came out sweet. The shirts are black with black and grey art and the sizes range from Small to 2XX. They drop next weekend at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and should be up on the site right after. We will be sure to clue you in. I also did the photo setup in sepia the way I usually do and now that I see the shirt in sepia we might just mix up a batch in sepia on brown shirts perhaps. Perhaps.
The actual art looks like this.

Oh Joe. Brand New BOOK!

It's already at the printers. Presto Art and Joe Capobianco are set to do it again, a brand new sketchbook entitled "Knock Yerself Out"! Packed front to back with brand new Capo Babes that Joe created just for this brand new hardcover volume. We should have more details in the next two weeks. Stay tuned.

Specialist Re Work Update

Here is the next iteration of the Specialist frame. You can see we have changed the angle where we are cutting through to make the tab. I think the arc's are nicer. It's coming along.

New Flash September

We have just added some great new flash to the site from the likes of Pat Murdough, Gunnar, Bud Garo and Davey A. Check it out in living color. PatMurdough Set 4Gunnar Set 8BudGaro Set 3
Davey A set 5


Fine Art Friday

Back again, the great Jime Litwalk. Jime created this painting for us when we had the idea of using a lunchbox for a machine package. We thought it would be great to have our own Pulse hot rod rat fink style guy. Jime just did the perfect thing, it was better than we imagined it could be.
Another great thing about Jime's paintings are many of them are done in 1 shot automotive enamel. It really has a great quality in real life. For a piece like this it also adds a bit more of an authentic feel. We also lost the source for these lunchboxes and replaced them with a simple tin. So if you own one of these they are now a true Pulse collectible, so stop pack'in your lunch in it. http://www.jimelitwalk.com/
Oh another great skateboard from our original "Abrasions" collection. This deck is from the tremendous mind of Rodney Raines. I was fascinated by this deck because of the way it told the story. It really used some great comic book type pacing. I thought it would really make a great production deck for some skate company. It was easily my favorite deck from the show/book and I am very happy it lives here at Pulse.

Just A Squirrel Trying To Get A Nut

I caught our Katie the other day wearing this really cool necklace. It was a birthday gift from Jessica and was designed by tattoo artist Hanna Aitchison. Hannah has designed a bunch of cool jewelry.
You can check out her new line of jewelry here http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Righteous-Swag__W0QQ_armrsZ1. Hannah has also been doing some great work and has other merch available at her site http://www.hannahaitchison.com/
Interesting foot note, Katie has a squirrel phobia. Nothing like a talisman to ward off the bad Peter Brady Hu-Du, good thinking.

In Re Development

As we go through the process of reworking each of our frames to integrate our new vise, we really examined some of the design details of each machine. Since the first frame we designed was the Specialist, we felt it could use a bit of refreshing. We have decided to loose the tab in the back with the sneaky cut out for the rear solder lug. It made it easy to plumb the machine but didn't really make sense. We are now pursuing the idea of a new tab and then cutting in a window in the rear deck stay ala the Corsair. We have also thinned down the side post a bit and played with the arches. Here is first look, we hope to have another proto next week.