Fine Art Returns

We were away last Friday at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and missed the update, but we are back. Josh Hoffman did this awesome "Rock of Ages" painting for us. He substituted the traditional stone cross for our gear logo. Josh's work has a special touch to it, he is a great composer and constructor of both paintings and tattoos. Clean lines and great layouts!
Over the years I had built three or four machines for Josh, but they never seemed to hit hard enough for him. I did just about everything I could think of to make a hard hitting machine, in fact the last rig I did hurt my thumb as I tested it without a needle set up. Trust me it hit, but I still don't think it was hard enough. I guess Josh Hoffman is like L.L. Cool J "Hard as hell".
The piece also made it's way to a Pulse T. We are very happy with it.
We are also the proud owners of Josh Hoffman's Abrasions skate deck. Josh painted the piece on paper then cut it out and shellacked it to the board. That is some serious scissor control. JoshHoffman

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