The "Build Your Own" Fall Session

Our Fall "Build Your Own" seminar was a huge success. We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who attended and hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.
The best thing about a session like this, is it allows you to pick up other ideas from people who build machines every day. It also forces to you to examine your process as you guide someone through their developing process. It feels good to pay it forward. It's also nice to watch SOBA scold people when they have bad intel.
We would also like to thank SOBA for coming out and bringing his big bag of knowledge. At almost every turn he had a great trick for building or something very thought provoking. A pleasure to say the least.
To everyone who attended, thanks for coming out and to Jessica and Katie for the maple bacon cupcakes, well you know. We are in the early stages of a possible Spring "Build Your Own" session and a Fall SOBA machine building seminar at this years Paradise Tattoo Gathering.


New Year, New Books

Happy New Year, we just got two new titles in at Pulse. The first is from tattoo artist Nick Baxter entitled "Sharp Focus Realism In Oil" and a new collection of skull work "Cranial Visions".
Nick's new book is an in depth look into the step by step process of how Nick constructs his amazing art. It also delves into both his philosophy and basic art principals as well as containing Nicks art cover to cover. There are some great lessons and advice here that anyone can slip into the old noggin. Get your learn on. Hard cover $60. Click to order from Pulse.
Also new is "Cranial Visions" from the mind of Mike Devries and the people at Memento publishing. This all new collection of work focuses on the skull in all it's shapes and forms. Two hundred and fifty eight artists are featured over the books 240 pages showing their goods in the form of 800 pieces of art all focused on the skull. Tattoo work, paintings, drawings, digital art, photography, and sculpture are all featured. It is a very inspiring book and worth the investment. Available now $69.99 from Pulse -Click Here