Black In Stock

I know it's been a minute but both our Mini Jack Decks and our RCA Jack Decks are back in stock in the black oxide finish! We also have the brass. Sorry for the delay.


Kuro Sumi Sample Sets

New this week are 1/2 ounce sample sets from Kuro Sumi Colors. There are 4 different sets made up of 16 colors each. The exotic set has a great selection of secondary and tertiary colors. Give it the once over. http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=369


Straight off the seven seas this grand old pirate was a gift from artist Julio Rodriguez. I believe the piece is all pastels so someone got their fingers right dirty to create this jolly sea fairer. I love the tattoo's just peaking out on his neck. Julio has been doing some fantastic horror pinup work, ya gotta subscribe to his blog -http://jrodsart.blogspot.com/Another great feature to this piece of art is that the frame has an actual piece of rope embedded in it, great detail.
We were also lucky enough to have been involved in the "Abrasions" skateboard project years ago with Sean Crofoot and Soba. We were able to purchase some of the boards from that show and they have turned into quite the conversation pieces for the visitors who drop in to Pulse. Above is the board from hyper-talented artist Gunnar. It has a biblical feel with his take on the serpent from Adam and Eve, yet with his trademark twists. Gunnar recently headed back to Ohio, so you can check him out there.http://www.myspace.com/artofgunnar


"Dracula" Courtesy of Bob's Dad

We have the good fortune to have landed the new print from Bob Tyrrell's Dad. Robert Tyrrell Sr. is an amazing illustrator and now along with his Frankenstein's Monster print we add an all new Dracula joint. They do make a nice combo, you know that Dracula has that mind power over the other monsters. Both pieces are available now.


Friday, Ya know.

This painting is the consummate craftsmanship of Kore Flatmo. I have owned this painting for years and I am always sorry that Kore is so busy creating great tattoo work that he is not able to produce as many paintings as there is demand for his work. Also when I say demand, I mean I would like to own about three more paintings from Kore. See for yourself http://www.plurabella.com/ This painting is from tattoo artist Tom Sinnamond. Unique portrait, unique frame. Last I knew Tom was working in Chicago at No Hope, No Fear. I always felt this piece had some sort of Diego Rivera feel. I dig it.


The Award Goes To...Tom Strom, Kinda.

As one of the sponsors of this years Paradise Tattoo Gathering we are responsible to provide the awards for the contests. This year we teamed up with artist Tom Strom to create some very cool acrylic trophies based on Tom's poster art. Here's the prototype. We just saw the full lineup for this years show of artists, seminars, and panels. It's going to be really amazing, pre-sales for everything are up now. http://www.tattoogathering.com/ We are also starting to fill spots in our Pulse "Build Your Own" seminar. We only have a dozen spots so don't wait too long to sign up.http://www.pulsetattoo.com/


Fine Art Friday

Our favorite dragon in house is hands down a painting from Cory Kruger. Cory created a series of dragons that we produced as a set of prints for him. As a thank you he let us pick an original. What a guy. If you know the set, you know how hard it was to choose. I think we chose wisely. Check out Cory's latest -http://www.goodfaithtattooing.com/

This western flavored piece was delivered by the one and only Josh Hoffman from Philly. Josh has a stranglehold on painting images that you just want to see as a tattoo. Everything is so clean and balanced, real deal. He also painted this for us knowing it was to become a T-shirt design. Circa 02-03.

Bloodwork is Coming. Get Ready.

"This is a game changer". I know people say this a lot, but in this case I stake my reputation on this prediction. I talked with adrian lee from analog tattoo today and he shared with me the first promo material for his new book project entitled "BLOODWORK:SLEEVES" I have known about this project for a while now. An all new expanded roster of artists have created an all new collection of sleeve work to be presented in a deluxe format book due this fall. Wow.
From the same minds that brought you "EXPERT TAILORING" and "FULL COVERAGE" this project promises to be the best yet. I believe them, but I don't know how you top "FULL COVERAGE"? I own hundreds of art books, and that is the nicest book I own hands down. We are also very excited that Pulse is one of the chosen retailers for this book. They always do very limited runs, I think the last book sold out in a month, so be ready. I will keep you updated as things progress,as well as post an artist list soon, the bar is going up again...game changer...
Here is a mockup of the how some of the pages are going to gatefold.
The book is also going to have an oversize format, and a slipcase. These guys always bring the best qualitity to their projects.

Along with the best photos, they have created a unique layout to view the work, you can also check out the crew, and their blog at http://www.analogtattoo.com/

Revamp - Corsair

The vise overhaul project continues. We are restocking our Corsair frame today with the new vise. We also took this opportunity to widen the deck a bit. It helps accommodate the new vise, but it also adds a bit more stability. If you have always wanted a brass frame from us but didn't care for the pivot, you have just run out of excuses. The time is now.


Friday-Fine Art Time

This Friday brings us to one of the larger paintings we have. Tattooist and Fine Artist Joey Remmers took a commission from us for a piece that featured one of his women with some swans, that had an "Alfred Hitchcock" feel. He did just that and we couldn't be happier with the result. Joey has done some great series, check him out -http://www.joeyremmers.com/

Also from the walls we bring out one of Eric Merrill's early water color's. This scarab piece just wet our appetite for more paintings from this highly skilled artist. No one gets technically better, faster than Eric. When he starts out in medium it only takes him a few pieces before he is doing amazing work, great talent. http://www.hopegallerytattoo.com/