10 Years of Pulse

Well Happy Birthday to us. The ideas for this company were born at a tattoo studio in the mid 90's and we pursued it bit by bit. In 2000 we made it official and started selling the Specialist. Wow -ten years later, and we have achieved many of the goals we set for ourselves. I love the idea that an artists will work tomorrow with some of our equipment that they have been using for 10 years. That feels really good to me.
Katie's mom baked us an awesome cake to kick off our Birthday right. We are going to follow it up with some gifts. For the next 10 months we are going to offer a Pulse special each month to celebrate and say thanks for your support. We are planning a couple of great deals on popular products, and some special edition things. Some things will last for a couple weeks some things will only last a day or two, but it will be fun for the rest of the year.
So join us for the rest of the year and get hooked up. As always we want to say "Thank You" for supporting us through all these years, we love what we do here at Pulse and look forward to the next 10 years. Stay tuned.


New Book "Three Sixty Five" from Martin LaCasse!

We are very excited about this all new set of books from artist Martin LaCasse. Martin's first book "Take What you Can...Give Nothing Back" is one of the best selling books we have ever stocked here at Pulse. His all new book is entitled "Three Sixty Five", and it's actually 4 books in a slipcase.
Martin drew everyday for a year, and packed it all into this unbelievable book set. He picked a different subject each month and than did a drawing each day. Three hundred and sixty five of them, he also did twelve new full color paintings. He covers all the most popular tattoo subjects -flowers, snakes, masks, skulls, sharks, pin-ups, reapers, tigers, eagles, koi, dragons, and religious icons. The collection also features his own notes and step by steps. The art is really amazing, everything is ready to be manipulated into a tattoo, these are all great starting ideas. The books are all softcover and contain three months in each.
All four books fit nicely into this great slipcase that Martin designed. The most exciting part of this new package is the price, -$60.00. You won't find a better reference book this year!!!! We are super excited to have them stocked and ready to go - Martin LaCasse "Three Sixty Five"


The Pulse Sweatpants Rule

Here at Pulse we have always had a few rules. Always work to create a quality product, treat our clients the way we would like to be treated, and no sweat pants at work. Sweat pants although comfortable and easy, can quickly become more of a lifestyle choice. We just can't have that. During our yearly inventory this year Katie broke the cardinal dresscode rule.
She has been forgiven and has seen the error of her ways. She is also in good company, Jessica once wore a whole velour sweat suit to work circa 2002....once.