10 Years of Pulse

Well Happy Birthday to us. The ideas for this company were born at a tattoo studio in the mid 90's and we pursued it bit by bit. In 2000 we made it official and started selling the Specialist. Wow -ten years later, and we have achieved many of the goals we set for ourselves. I love the idea that an artists will work tomorrow with some of our equipment that they have been using for 10 years. That feels really good to me.
Katie's mom baked us an awesome cake to kick off our Birthday right. We are going to follow it up with some gifts. For the next 10 months we are going to offer a Pulse special each month to celebrate and say thanks for your support. We are planning a couple of great deals on popular products, and some special edition things. Some things will last for a couple weeks some things will only last a day or two, but it will be fun for the rest of the year.
So join us for the rest of the year and get hooked up. As always we want to say "Thank You" for supporting us through all these years, we love what we do here at Pulse and look forward to the next 10 years. Stay tuned.


  1. umm... i did not... umm... receive a piece of cake....

  2. Stupid Fed Ex guy! I totally sent you one!

  3. Cool cake, she hooked it up with the logo! nice