New Flash Set -Hunter Spanks & Jay Langer Set 2

It has been a real quiet year with flash. There have been so many great books and sketchbooks that I feel people have been really focused on getting books into the library. But right in time for the holiday season two powerhouse artists bring the heat with an all new collab set.
Hunter Spanks & Jay Langer get together for an encore to their first best selling flash set with 10 all color, all new, all tattooable sheets.
Both of these artist have such a stranglehold on what makes a great tattoo, solid line-work, bright colors, & nice clean designs. Your walls and flash books will thank you for adding this new set. Remember how much fun it can be tattooing a great flash design. Available Now @ Pulse $100.


Pulse, now more sociable.

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Pulse Ten Year Special SIX

For our Sixth special we hooked up with our good friend SOBA to build a wonderful combo machine. The finished product is pretty kick-ass.
We sent 25 Fairfield frames to SOBA who created a hand rubbed finish with a special secret sauce of a patina. SOBA then set about creating Pulse Gear coil wraps that have become one of his amazing custom signatures. They are actual copper and all hand made over hand wound SOBA copper coils.
The Fairfield is our top shelf brass machine that runs as smooth as butter, and the machine run was split with half liners / half shaders. It also feature our new p-nut vise that works like a charm.
The hardware was all custom made as well as the lasered and numbered A-bars and Soba signed each machine. Alex from Pulse took extra time with each machine tuning it to run to perfection. The machine run is limited to only 25 pieces of which SOBA took one and we took one to add to the trophy case, so only 23 will hit the streets.
We packed the whole shooting match up in this custom milk crate with a laser project tag and a signed "record" of the whole project. We want to say thank you to SOBA for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do something special for us. We don't get nearly enough opportunities here at Pulse to create custom projects and one offs. We are very proud of our machines and equipment and this 10 year anniversary is something special. We also wanted to make sure the price was special...$350.00. We only turn 10 once!!


New Fall Items at Pulse

We just loaded up the website with some really cool new products. "Drawn From the Well" deluxe sketchbook from artist Greg Simkins, Aaron Bells sketchbook, Knock Out Lettering guide, Tattoo Bible vol 1 & 2, 2 new flash sets from Mason Williams, Tattoo Artist Magazine #20, 5 new monster prints from Robert Tyrrell Sr. and we still have a few limited edition sticker kits. So stop by and take a look, it's all good.


Pulse / SOBA Workshop SOLD OUT

Our "Build Your Own" workshop is sold out, we only had 14 slots and they have all been filled. We had no idea that it would sell out so quickly and apologize to those who were not able to get in. We have however started a list for the next workshop that we may hold in Spring of 2011. Thanks to everyone who signed up so quickly we are looking forward to you coming out and promise to make it a great time. See you in October!


Build Your Own Workshop 2

We had so much fun at last years "Build Your Own" workshop that was held at the Paradise tattoo show that we decided to offer it again October 16th, 2010. This year we will be holding it at the Pulse homebase here in Connecticut and SOBA will be flying in for the workshop. We will be covering a wide range of machine topics over the course of the day.
The hours will run from 10am to 5pm and we plan to cover a lot of ground. The biggest part of day will be building machines and you can choose from any of our Pulse Machines or any the Workhorse Irons SOBA machines. We will take you step by step through our process when we build and let you in on all the things we think about at each stage of the build. This will be followed by a tuning session so you can get your machines to run where you would like them to.
There will also be a great session where SOBA and Brett from Pulse will go through many other machine designs and point out there strengths and weaknesses and explain how they were made and how the material and geometry effect each machine. They will have tons of example to run and examine.
Also for the first time ever we will be offering a facility tour of Pulse with demos of coil winding, soldering and prototyping. The whole Pulse family will be there to host these demos and mini seminars. Co-founder Tim Brewer will be in the house along with master builder Alex Benoit and super solderer Joe Sherry. All sessions will have question and answer forums.
Along with all the info we are going to stuff into your head we will be revealing a special anniversary edition Pulse machine collaboration with SOBA that very day. We are also going to pack up a fantastic bag full of goodies for you to take home with your new machines. Also lunch is on us and we will have complimentary beverages through out the day.
Along with all the grizzy men talking about tattoo machines, we will sweeten the day with appearances from Katie and Jessica to tell funny stories about crazy customers and maybe bring some of their soon to be famous chocolate bacon cupcakes.
We will have very limited seating for this event so please call to reserve your spot. The whole day + machine is going to be $400. and we are taking reservations now. Call us at Pulse 888.824.5529 reservations require a 25% deposit. We can't wait to see you October 16th, 2010- this is going to be a major amount of fun.


Pulse Ten Year Special FIVE

For our Anniversary special #5 we are putting our entire library of tattoo magazines on sale for 1/2 off the cover price. As the weather changes it's time to stock up on some reading material for the slow days at the studio. Get inspired, get informed and get it at half the price.

Stop in soon to check out our special #6. Our great friend and machine builder extraordinaire SOBA has build 25 Pulse machines just for our Anniversary. They are amazing.


Take What You Can...Again

Now back in stock is Martin LaCasse's Classic book "Take What You Can...Give Nothing Back". It's now a softcover version @$30. If you lost yours or your clients chewed it up, or if you have the hardcover version (now a collectors item) grab a copy of reprint. This book is a classic in tattooing, loaded with drawings, paintings and flash from Martin. On sale right here.


Pulse 10 Year Special FOUR

For our fourth Anniversary promotion we put together a collection of our new 2010 stickers. This limited edition pack contains 24 unique stickers for the Anniversary price of $10. This years stickers are one of the best crops ever. It also contains the limited 10 yr retrospective sticker of 100 Pulse stickers. Get yours now because they are limited to a little over 100 sets, and thanks for all your support through the years! Available now Pulse 10th Anniversary Sticker Pack $10.00


Pulse 10 Year Special THREE

For our Third Special we present the Pulse 10th Anniversary "Edison" Clipcord, in an ultra limited edition. This retro clip cord was the brain child of the Pulse production team of Alex and Joe. We tried a bunch of different material in our quest to make a cool looking clip cord.
The special editon starts with a fabric reproduction twist cord, we added a gold 1/4" jack as well as custom gold washers with a peek-a-boo clip finish. These cords look beautiful running an old school machine or even placed in a display with your collection of Paul Rodgers and Col. Todds.
Cords are 7 feet in length and are packed in a custom antique box. These cords are going to be limited to under 100. Once they are gone we won't be making any more. So add one to your collection today PULSE "EDISON" CLIP CORD HERE


New Flatiron Grips from Morphix

Those new Flatiron grips from our friends at Morphix are in and stocked on our shelves here at Pulse. These new grips have a nice feel and design. If you thought the Humbolts were too big the new Flatirons are for you. Pick one up for the shop and pass it around for a new feel, you may end up with a whole new favorite. New Flatirons Available Now


TAM 19 Out Now

The new Tattoo Artist Magazine #19 is out and stocked full of really great stuff. Features interviews with Bob Roberts, CIV and Katie Sellergren, along with all the great you features you know and love. Get your copy here TAM #19.


Pulse 10 Year Special TWO

Welcome to our second Ten year anniversary special. This month features a special price on our best selling steel Ergo grips. The Ergo grip offers a great shape that fits the hand in an all natural way.
For the next 10 days our steel Ergo grips will be priced down to $10. for any size grip. A once in ten year deal, so stock up. Thanks, we have lots more in the works, next month we are working on a limited edition collectible clip cord. Tune in next month.
Special $10. Pulse Ergo Grips Grooved, or Ergo Smooth.


Top Secret: Flatiron

I opened my mail yesterday to find these all new top secret prototype grips from the good folks at Morphix. It seems they have been tinkering with some new designs.The new grip code name : Flatiron seems to have many of the great properties of the original Humbolt grip. It does have a compressed quality to it and at first glance I was concerned if it was going to be comfortable. Once I laced it up I could tell it was going to be good fit.
One of the things they have achieved with the compact geometry is the feel of a smaller grip. It makes sense that you couldn't just shrink the Humbolt. Your thumb and fingers don't shrink so you want the grooves to fit your digits comfortably (which they do). So the new configuration feels more precise, maybe better to control a liner with, or a small mag. These are just prototypes so they seem to be the same material as the original Morphix grips, but I do have an inside word they are improving upon an already great base material.
I like them, I have a small to medium hand and I felt they would fit me better than the regular Humbolts, they may even take a bit more stress off the hand and they definitely offer some more control. I do think they may take a bit more time to adjust to rolling in the hand due to their oval shape, but they are form fitting. I am also glad to carry a product from a company that is moving in the forward direction, refining their products and taking some chances on new ideas. The inside word from Morphix is they will be available soon. Price TBA.


JIme Litwalks Third Sketchbook Available

The new Jime Litwalk Sketchbook is now in stock at Pulse. This book features Jime's monsters, maidens and mayhem. If you own 1 & 2 this is what you need next. If not catch up, it's great stuff. Jime Litwalk Sketchbook 3


Ten Year Anniversary Special One

For our first Anniversary Special to celebrate our 10 years in business we are pricing all our hats at $10. We have 10 specials planned for the next 10 months, so make sure you check in to see what is new each month.
Both our hat designs are marked down to mark the occasion. Our "P" hat was designed by renowned letterist B.J. Betts and contains a surprise under the brim. Pulse x BJ Betts Hat
This hats are limited, and now priced nice so celebrate with new brim. Pulse "Machine" Hat
Pulse Beanie's come in black and pink - Pulse Beanie