New Flash Set -Hunter Spanks & Jay Langer Set 2

It has been a real quiet year with flash. There have been so many great books and sketchbooks that I feel people have been really focused on getting books into the library. But right in time for the holiday season two powerhouse artists bring the heat with an all new collab set.
Hunter Spanks & Jay Langer get together for an encore to their first best selling flash set with 10 all color, all new, all tattooable sheets.
Both of these artist have such a stranglehold on what makes a great tattoo, solid line-work, bright colors, & nice clean designs. Your walls and flash books will thank you for adding this new set. Remember how much fun it can be tattooing a great flash design. Available Now @ Pulse $100.


  1. Beautiful flash art. The shading is extraordinary!

  2. Hey!!!!!Grand Flash!!! Do you sell them? Would love to buy one!!!