Pulse Ten Year Special SIX

For our Sixth special we hooked up with our good friend SOBA to build a wonderful combo machine. The finished product is pretty kick-ass.
We sent 25 Fairfield frames to SOBA who created a hand rubbed finish with a special secret sauce of a patina. SOBA then set about creating Pulse Gear coil wraps that have become one of his amazing custom signatures. They are actual copper and all hand made over hand wound SOBA copper coils.
The Fairfield is our top shelf brass machine that runs as smooth as butter, and the machine run was split with half liners / half shaders. It also feature our new p-nut vise that works like a charm.
The hardware was all custom made as well as the lasered and numbered A-bars and Soba signed each machine. Alex from Pulse took extra time with each machine tuning it to run to perfection. The machine run is limited to only 25 pieces of which SOBA took one and we took one to add to the trophy case, so only 23 will hit the streets.
We packed the whole shooting match up in this custom milk crate with a laser project tag and a signed "record" of the whole project. We want to say thank you to SOBA for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do something special for us. We don't get nearly enough opportunities here at Pulse to create custom projects and one offs. We are very proud of our machines and equipment and this 10 year anniversary is something special. We also wanted to make sure the price was special...$350.00. We only turn 10 once!!

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