Top Secret: Flatiron

I opened my mail yesterday to find these all new top secret prototype grips from the good folks at Morphix. It seems they have been tinkering with some new designs.The new grip code name : Flatiron seems to have many of the great properties of the original Humbolt grip. It does have a compressed quality to it and at first glance I was concerned if it was going to be comfortable. Once I laced it up I could tell it was going to be good fit.
One of the things they have achieved with the compact geometry is the feel of a smaller grip. It makes sense that you couldn't just shrink the Humbolt. Your thumb and fingers don't shrink so you want the grooves to fit your digits comfortably (which they do). So the new configuration feels more precise, maybe better to control a liner with, or a small mag. These are just prototypes so they seem to be the same material as the original Morphix grips, but I do have an inside word they are improving upon an already great base material.
I like them, I have a small to medium hand and I felt they would fit me better than the regular Humbolts, they may even take a bit more stress off the hand and they definitely offer some more control. I do think they may take a bit more time to adjust to rolling in the hand due to their oval shape, but they are form fitting. I am also glad to carry a product from a company that is moving in the forward direction, refining their products and taking some chances on new ideas. The inside word from Morphix is they will be available soon. Price TBA.


  1. cant wait to check these out, my digits are still screamin at me from yesterdays tattoos. haha

  2. do they work for lefties??
    they look asymmetrical.

  3. Designed for use by right and left-handed artists