The Pulse Sweatpants Rule

Here at Pulse we have always had a few rules. Always work to create a quality product, treat our clients the way we would like to be treated, and no sweat pants at work. Sweat pants although comfortable and easy, can quickly become more of a lifestyle choice. We just can't have that. During our yearly inventory this year Katie broke the cardinal dresscode rule.
She has been forgiven and has seen the error of her ways. She is also in good company, Jessica once wore a whole velour sweat suit to work circa 2002....once.


  1. Who is that girl? Glasses, curly hair, no tattoos? Oh what 8 years can change!

  2. Rockin the Snookie jump suit! Nice. and the sweat pants thing is funny as hell, we rock some random sh*t to work from time to time, i gotta start takin pics of some of the bizarre stuff that comes walkin in our shop, esp. around "tax" time haha.