Straight off the seven seas this grand old pirate was a gift from artist Julio Rodriguez. I believe the piece is all pastels so someone got their fingers right dirty to create this jolly sea fairer. I love the tattoo's just peaking out on his neck. Julio has been doing some fantastic horror pinup work, ya gotta subscribe to his blog -http://jrodsart.blogspot.com/Another great feature to this piece of art is that the frame has an actual piece of rope embedded in it, great detail.
We were also lucky enough to have been involved in the "Abrasions" skateboard project years ago with Sean Crofoot and Soba. We were able to purchase some of the boards from that show and they have turned into quite the conversation pieces for the visitors who drop in to Pulse. Above is the board from hyper-talented artist Gunnar. It has a biblical feel with his take on the serpent from Adam and Eve, yet with his trademark twists. Gunnar recently headed back to Ohio, so you can check him out there.http://www.myspace.com/artofgunnar

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