Fine Art Friday

Back again, the great Jime Litwalk. Jime created this painting for us when we had the idea of using a lunchbox for a machine package. We thought it would be great to have our own Pulse hot rod rat fink style guy. Jime just did the perfect thing, it was better than we imagined it could be.
Another great thing about Jime's paintings are many of them are done in 1 shot automotive enamel. It really has a great quality in real life. For a piece like this it also adds a bit more of an authentic feel. We also lost the source for these lunchboxes and replaced them with a simple tin. So if you own one of these they are now a true Pulse collectible, so stop pack'in your lunch in it. http://www.jimelitwalk.com/
Oh another great skateboard from our original "Abrasions" collection. This deck is from the tremendous mind of Rodney Raines. I was fascinated by this deck because of the way it told the story. It really used some great comic book type pacing. I thought it would really make a great production deck for some skate company. It was easily my favorite deck from the show/book and I am very happy it lives here at Pulse.

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