Friday, Art Time

Yet another great painting from Shawn Barber. I have been a fan since Shawn begin using the art of tattooing as his subject matter. The energy and point of view that he captures is truly unique. No one has ever put this particular spin on the process. He also has a great way with portraits. He grasps something that no one else does, I love his art and hope he keeps creating painting using tattooing as his subject matter. Always eye opening http://www.sdbarber.com/
This piece comes from an unknown artist and was a gift from my good friend Thug Josh. He was recently in Vietnam and bought this piece for me outside of a temple. It is silk screened on a burbur type of fabric. I think they silk screened right there while he waited. No big machine or special printer. BY HAND! Each screen.
Check out the details, just incredible. Craftsmanship comes in all mediums, I think here in the U.S. we take silkscreening for granted. It is how they make concert T-shirts and posters, but it can be elevated to a great artform. I am going to keep my eye out to add some more quality silk screen pieces to our collection here at Pulse.

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