Bloodwork Has Arrived!

It has arrived, and it is fantastic. I have been lucky enough to have a pre-release copy of the book sent to me by adrian lee, the mastermind behind the project. I have looked though this book everyday for last week. There is a lot to absorb and is easily the most deluxe book ever produced of tattoos.
Bloodwork gives a whole new meaning to oversize coffee table book, weighing in at 12 pounds and 16" tall by 9.5" wide the book is huge. It comes nestled in the most unique slipcase I have ever seen. It's a two piece slipcase with a die cut that shows the lenticular cover detail. The lenticular picture on the cover shows motion. It is set off nicely by a circular foil stamp. It is very impressive.The book is 350 pages, and each feature folds out to an amazing 30" print. Each sleeve was photographed by Max Dolberg, from every conceivable angle. The layouts are really fantastic. Look how big this book is, damn.
The Kolectiv has been extended to include some of the best artists working today. Featuring sleeves from Guy Aitchinson, Aaron Cain, adrain lee, GRIME, Filip Leu, Juan Puente, Chris Trevino and tons more. The lineup is a real who's who.
The quality of this book is unparalleled and really unprecedented . I can't say enough good things about all the books that have been launched from this core collection of California tattoo artists. From "Suits Made to Fit" to "Full Coverage" and now "Bloodwork: Sleeves" these are amazing books that make you feel good to be a part of this art form. It is limited to only 1500 copies and I am sure that a good portion of these are already overseas. Don't wait on this one, we have it available in store now. Enjoy! Bloodwork:Sleeves_Available_Now

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