The Return of Fine Art Friday

Sorry I missed Fine Art Friday last week, but I am back on track. This weeks fare showcases the work of one Bawidamann, Andrew Bawidamann. I have been a fan of his work for years. The cool thing about his work is it looks a bit like it was done on the computer. It has those clean lines and blocks of great color that almost look like they were created in Adobe Illustrator. But they are all painted by hand. The strength of his art lies in it's simplicity also. If he only needs two lines he only uses two lines. Good lesson.
Bawidamann's unique style of Pin-ups are usually clad in WWII and military style gear, so I dug this piece for it's Southern California vibe. Check out his stuff, his store is always stocked to the top with T-shirts and print. The_Art_of_Bawidamann
Yet another great sketch from Greg "Craola" Simkins. This was from his show entitled, "Don't Sleep". This idea of having his characters in an amusement style ride is a reoccurring theme for Greg. Let's hope that one day Greg gets popular enough that someone makes a CRAOLA LAND. We will be able to ride on these wonderful inventions. Greg has also opened a new store and anything there would make a great give for the holidays The_art_of_Craola
BONUS: Because I missed last week I wanted to add a bonus piece. This awesome heart sculpture piece comes from the multi-talented Eric Merrill. This dude can do anything. This piece rocks in real life because of it's 3D element. Great stuff Hope_Gallery_Tattoo

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