Fine Art Friday -This is pretty cool.

This weeks featured painting from our collection is from artist and toy designer extraordinaire Joe Ledbetter. I have been a fan of Joe's character for more than a few years now. Ledbetter's strength is his simplicity. He picks great lines and creates a great mixture of line weights. I also like the way his style has a retro cartoon feel. He also has some snappy titles and his art translates into toys like no one else. Our piece is entitled "Sleepless Nights #2" -Now here is the cool part.
Joe's new art book came last week and I just got my copy the other day. So I settled in to this new collection and right when I open the book.....

Boom, they used my painting as the end sheet illustration. How cool is that. I own a few painting now that have been printed in books and it is always a great feeling. http://www.joeledbetter.com/

Also this week is a unique collectible. A few years ago tattoo artist Jay Langer had a created a company -Tattoo Artist Prints - that featured prints from artists all over the tattoo world. They were limited and the art was great. Jay had created 4 sets of promotional pins that were very limited. He was kind enough to hook me up with all 4 sets. http://www.jaylanger.com/

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