Friday, Fine Art Time

One of the hottest artists working on the West Coast right now is Sylvia Ji, and I waited for a couple years to be able to have a chance to acquire a piece. But as you can see it was well worth the wait. She has become the Queen of doing chicks with " Día de los Muerto" makeup. It has worked it's way into tattooing pretty good, and I see a lot of Sylvia's work in the skin. You can see a lot of Sylvia's work here http://www.sylviaji.com/
One of the coolest styles I have seen in a long while belongs to Alberto Ruiz. This sketch was a gift, and showcases this artists unique style. His body studies are very fluid and funky, it gives a nice tip to a different style. He also creates some very unique models and is the publisher of the "Brand Studios" Books. He has published quite a library of books from Dean Yeagle to J. Scott Campbell. Want to get motivated - http://processjunkie.blogspot.com/

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