Brand New Flash

We have just added some brand new flash. The first new set is chock full o' Hunter Spanks goodness. Hunter just released his newest 10 sheet set and it's packed with some great designs. Refresh your walls for summer. http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=351
Hunter also teamed up with Uncle Allan who was just featured a couple issues back in Tattoo Artist Magazine. Together they have cooked up some really fresh ideas, there's a Gene Simmons demon head that rocks, check it out http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=380

Also new this week is a great 10 sheet set of black and grey from Jamie Cross. I worked with Jamie for years at a local shop and his art has grown a bunch since he started. It's always great to see people you started out with do well. This stuff would look great on the skin. It's all available now http://www.pulsetattoo.com/home.php?cat=315

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