Fine Art Fri..oh Tuesday

Sorry I missed Friday but Tuesday works just as well. Another fantastic painting from L.A. artist Greg "Craola" Simkins. This piece is entitled "Ramona" and is super rich and refined. The details are great, the little skulls on the bow, the fur on her body, the carved pumpkin.I can't say it enough, but Greg is the most creative guy working today. Go examine his work, if you don't know him- get to it. http://www.imscared.com/
This painting hangs in my office and I love it, but I don't know who painted it. I bought it from a gallery that sells originals that were used for book covers. So this was the cover of a book at one time. I'm sure it had a title like "Murder on Ward One", or "Emergency Room Emergency" or "Nurse Dangerous" or "Murderer, M.D.". By the way when my mind wanders I do just stare at this painting making up titles.
BONUS- Cause I missed the deadline Friday I wanted to throw in a bonus. Here is a great skate deck from the "Abrasions" show from Chad Soner. It's a classic here at Pulse. Chad is a classy guy check him -http://www.myspace.com/sonertattoo

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