Fine, Fine Art.

This weeks featured painting from our collection here at Pulse, is from none other than the queen of pin-up art -Olivia! I have owned this piece for years and not a day goes by that it doesn't get looked at. I love how soft the features of her face are. I have been of fan of Olivia's since "Let them eat cheesecake" first came out, so it is a genuine treat to be able to own an original. It does not disappoint!
Also the piece looks at first glance to be watercolor, but I believe most of her stuff like this is done in gouache. It also adds to the depth of the piece. http://www.eolivia.com/
Also this week from kick ass artist Tom Strom. An amazing rendition of the "The Virgin of Guadalupe" but with a Pulse twist. You want to know a secret about this painting? It wasn't painted at all - it's all alcohol markers. Damn how fast do you have to work when doing a piece like this in marker. Have you ever tried to use them? Once you run over the same spot again it instantly gets darker, they are tough to control, but not for Tom. Our kudos to him, he has done some great art since his days knocking out this kind of stuff. http://www.thestromrefinery.com/artists/Tom_Strom/

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