Big Projects

The idea for doing a large Mag, tip & tube combo has been kicking with us for a bit. We have finally got around to prototyping a setup. This has been milled out of one piece of stainless stock. I would love to take the credit, but it's our machinist Mac who has worked out nearly all the bugs and created this one piece beauty! Nice work. We are almost there we need some retooling on the actually shovel numbers, but should be into a Beta version by the end of Sept, with a roll out by end of 09 early 10.
The grip will come in two sizes along with two maybe three tip sizes. Our plan right now is 25 and 35 mag. We will also be stocking the needles as well. We are still up in the air about 45 mag, that's a lot of needles. As soon as we see a Beta version we will give a try in the skin and post our results.


  1. where the hell are these? i would hella buy these. pulse quality in a big mag, sign me up.

  2. yeah I agree, I wouldn't mind picking up a few of these, please get the ball rolling on these bad boys!!!