Friday...the Art is Fine.

Welcome, the spotlight this week is a piece from artist Eric Merrill. I have known Eric for many years. We started in this business together and Eric was very instrumental in Pulse's early success. He would always take out a dozen machines for us and sell when he was traveling. He hooked us up with many of the great customers and friends we have today. He also has done a fair job of hooking us up with some great pieces of art. Power thru Technology is an awesome painting. I love the golden age comic book feel.

The beam was the best detail, that and the coil set inside the robot. Back in the day I always wanted this to be a T-shirt but it would have been so many screens it would have been like having a bullet proof plate on you shirt, but printing techniques have come so far that we could print this up and you wouldn't ever feel it. This would be a great 10th anniversary shirt for next year. Maybe. http://www.hopegallerytattoo.com/ Check out Hope Gallery -they just moved to an all new location.
This piece is also connected to my past. It is a blue stone carving from tattooist Peter Coinin Sr. When he is not tattooing he carves all this amazing stone Celtic knot work by hand! People just don't do work like this anymore. The great thing about this carving is that Peter was the first person to tattoo me. He did my first three tattoos, back in the days when I would scrape together a couple hundred dollars and race to see him. Now 20 years later he stops in and hangs out at Pulse, he started me off and now created this great hand carved sign for me. Great guy -thanks Pete. http://www.thebeautymarktattooing.com/default.html

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