Detroit Art Friday

This week brings the real deal from Detroit, Bob Tyrrell. If Bob isn't on the top of your list of people to get tattooed from -check your list. The nicest guy in tattooing has been on the top of my Best black and grey artists for years. I was blown away when Bob drew this skull up especially for us.
His work is so detailed and soft. It's that same technique that Bob uses to create his feathery soft portrait work, building up light layers to create the great tones. Bob did this skull with just 1 pencil. ONE. Very impressive.
The T-shirt was also a great reproduction of the original and it's now a classic. Bob travels a ton, check his schedule and go get tattooed from him when he rolls through your area. You can thank me later. http://www.bobtyrrell.com/
I couldn't have a Detroit Friday without the favorite son of the big D -Jime Litwalk. I was looking for a Hula girl from Jime for a sticker. Somewhere along the way she lost her grass skirt and coconut bra. I wonder if the Tiki had anything to do with it? Jime rules, http://www.jimelitwalk.com/

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