Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous...

Inspired by our friend Willie Wonka, Pulse now has GOLDEN TICKETS!Unlike Wonka's Golden Ticket, we will not be limiting our prizes to only 5 tickets. We've made a bunch of tickets! Prizes include free clip cords, gift cards, inks, discount coupons AND some lucky winners will find a Golden Ticket for FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE! How can you get your hands on one? It's simple! Just place an order. Every order you place with us is another chance to win. Check your invoice pack out to see if you're a lucky winner!
"Four down, one to go, and somewhere out there a lucky person is moving closer and closer to the most sought after prize in history. Though we cannot help but envy whoever he is, and we may feel bitter but we must remember there are more important things, *many* more important things. Though offhand I cannot think of what they are but I'm sure there must be something. "

*Golden Ticket promotion starts on November 1st


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