In the Begining...

Ahh.. remember your first tattoo. I do, I still have it after about twenty years. A few weeks back the son of the artist who did it, Pete Jr. hit me up with an e-mail and told me his dad was cutting his hours back and was cleaning up the shop a bit, going through some old flash and drawings. He asked me what the first tattoo I had gotten from his dad, looked like. I didn't really think much about it until he sent me an email and when I opened it there was my tattoo! His dad had kept every stencil he had created. I couldn't believe it, this drawing is 20 years old. It made my week!


  1. Sick! that's awesome, we was at the shop the other day talkin bout how we used to keep our stencils, kinda wish i'd kept doin it, or atleast made a tally mark everytime i did a tat.