Get Digital DVD from Mike DeVries

Get Digital is the new 2 Dvd set of photoshop instruction from tattoo artists Mike DeVries and Jamie Parker. I just finished watching them and as someone who uses photoshop on the regular, I can say they do a great job of focusing on the things they use on a daily basis in the tattoo shop. They gloss over the tools they don't use very often and delve deep into the tools they do use. See how they create one of a kind reference from photos and artwork. The quality is top notch and it is targeted right at the tattoo artist, from touching up your tattoo photos to making a great looking business card.
I even learned a few things I didn't know. I had no idea you could increase and decrease your brush size with the parenthesis keys, I always just right clicked. Well worth the time and money, get to the learning GET DIGITAL DVD SET AVAILABLE NOW $50.

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