It Really Was No Miracle, What Happened Was Just This...

If you didn't notice in our last post, not only are we back, but we're now in color! And we didn't even have to drop a house on a witch to get here. Witch (misspelling and/or pun intended) reminds me of a funny story...

Someone we know (names witheld to protect the innocent) has a hilarious story about the first time he watched The Wizard of Oz. This person came from a home and a time where it wasn't unusual to still only have a black and white television (imagine that!). When he went away to college, he watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time while simultaneously trying pot for the first time! When the movie turned color? Let's just say our friend's mind was blown!

So, now, just like our friends in The Wizard of Oz, we're making our transition from sepia to color. And just like Judy Garland had a stand-in to help her shift to color when filming, we'll have some new authors helping out on the blog.
Does anyone else have any fun Wizard of Oz stories? Tattoo related or otherwise, please share them in the comments below!


  1. Thanks, Karoline! One of our favorite things in the world is positive feedback!