The Great Socket Head Cap Screw Change Over.

Since the day we started building machines we had made the decision that we loved the way the button head cap screw looked. It had a very nice aesthetic and fit in with kind of look we were going for. Though the years we have had to defend ourselves against those who were unlucky enough to strip the button head screw. Trust me when I tell you, no one stripped more button heads than us, right here at Pulse. We became experts at dremel slicing them out. Recently it came to our attention again that we should consider going to a socket head on the rear deck, well we tried it out and liked how it performed.
So we have finally made the decision to change it over. We like the way it looks, but we love the way it performs. It is quicker and easier to get to the back spring with the socket head.
The wrench is so much easier to use and fit in quickly.
Also as you can see, you won't be stripping out the head anytime soon. So to all those who told us to make the move for years, we apologize - you were right the socket head screw is a better performer and we are on board, socket heads for all our decks!
We also have some fresh new looks in our machine boxes. Nice.


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