Cool Rigs

Two of our old friends hit us up this week with a couple of great customs we thought we would share. First up was this sideways backward set up from artist Jes Aristoy. He crafted this from an aluminum Pulse corsair prototype he had gotten from us years ago. Interesting idea for sure, he told us it was a good light liner. Oh yeah and the Force is strong with it, so how can you go wrong.
We also got an email from an old school friend Nick Mascola. Nick has always made these beautiful one of a kind machines. Everything always has great lines and a ton of hand work. I have always been a fan of Nick's machines and if you own one consider yourself lucky he has only produced a small number and each one is special. Good to see people still creating!


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  2. Hi my name is sam Couttolenc and i found this machine long ago,and i like to knw what year did pulse made it??
    Id tricked this out a little bit!!
    It used to be black anodised and the frame its aluminum!all the parts are
    All original

  3. Hi. These are awsome machines. You should check out #Maxxpain1 on instagram. He is really pushing the boundries on handcrafted irons. Sick machines