"Build Your Own" Workshop

We are happy to announce that coming this fall we will be putting on an all new Pulse Workshop. We are going to debut it at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering http://www.tattoogathering.com/ in Sept. this year. The workshop will be a hands on machine building workshop with myself, Tim Brewer and Alex Benoit. We we work with you through every element of building a machine. Each subsystem of the machine will be examined and we will tell you what we know about what works for us and why. When building machines you need to have a checklist in your head of things you are looking to achieve and avoid. Anyone can bolt a machine together, but not everyone can be a machine builder. Also for the first time ever we will be providing you with any of our Pulse machines in pieces for you to build with us. This will be a fun and informative workshop. I find that every time I am able to sit down and build with someone, I always learn something also. Our tentative date is Friday the 18th from Noon on.
Last year the show was fantastic, it has a great venue at the Jiminey Peak resort, a ton of seminars, panels, and great artists. This is in no way an average convention, it is more of a tattoo retreat for those who want to learn, connect with other artists, hear people talk about the industry and relax and refuel. I highly recommend it, and I would love to see you at the workshop. The sign up is available in our Pulse gear section or you can give us a call 888.824.5529 - the price is $300. We are only going to have a dozen spots so be sure to sign up soon. I am also hoping to have a special guest builder with us, we will see!

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