Fine Art Friday

Friday again. This weeks feature is from Japanese artist Yumika Kayukawa. Her work is a unique mix of Eastern and Western styles. Her pin-ups have a pop art / fashion look that she very deftly mixes with animals and fantastic patterns. Her paintings have a unique energy.

This painting is from a show that showcased the art of James Bond. Her painting features scenes from "You only live twice". I love her style, I also like the way she captured the look on Agent Tanaka's face as he looks on to Bond being washed. Anything for Queen and Country, right?

We also own one of the originals from the collection entitled "Masks" from tattoo artist, lettering maestro, and sneaker designer- B.J. Betts. The piece has some great depth in person. One day I will feature some of B.J.'s sneakers...we'll have a Footwear Friday.


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