Welcome to Fine Art Friday

As promised we have created a new feature entitled "Fine Art Friday", to showcase our in-house art collection. We've had the great fortune over the years to be able to procure and collect some great originals. Hands down the best part of this business is the art, so we have filled our work space with some great works.
Each week we hope to bring you a couple of selections from the walls at Pulse, and like when Dorothy landed in Oz, they will be brought to you in full technicolor. We hope you enjoy the exhibit.
We open with a favorite from artist Shawn Barber. I love that someone else saw the beauty in the process and tools of tattooing. http://www.sdbarber.com/
Los Angeles artist Greg "Craola" Simkins has become one of the hottest painters in the country. Hands down the most creative person working right now. Want to get inspired, check him out -http://www.imscared.com/

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