Fine Art Flowers

This set of paintings was created by tattooist / painter Jay Langer. Jay had done a beautiful series of paintings that interspersed bones with flowers. It was a nice mix of morbid beauty, I loved the concept and the pieces were great to mount together with the ribs up top and the hip in the lower position.
Jay is a very talented guy, along with holding down full time duties at his studio he paints, plays in a band, builds bikes, designs for a T Shirt Co., makes flash...yeah Jay is one of those guys. Super energy, super productivity -great combo. Check him out -http://www.myspace.com/jaylanger.
Another great painting that hangs at Pulse with a beautiful traditional flower comes from Grez DNA. If you are familiar with Grez then you know how clean and strong his tattoo work is. His paintings stand up to that same visual test. He has a great eye for structure and a great grasp of those classic images that define western traditional tattooing.
Is that not the perfect tattoo rose? I also remember eyeing this pieces for half a day as I cruised through a convention. I came back to buy it right before I left and was really happy. As I was thanking Grez and walking away from the table CIV had walked up and was asking Grez about this painting, it seems he also wanted to purchase it. I am sorry about that CIV, but I love the piece. Grez has been tearing it up over at Mike Rubendall's Kings Avenue Tattoo. http://kingsavenuetattoo.com/

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