Fine Art Friday

This Friday brings a great piece from artist Eric Merrill. This piece was created with pastels which are some of the best pieces I own. The thing about pastels is they have to primarily be worked and blended with your fingers. So the artist really has to get their hands dirty (literally) I also feel doing pastels takes a toll on the artist, the substance is very drying to skin so the artist fingers get cracked and dry, couple that with tattooing in latex gloves all day and you can imagine how tough it is to spend hours each day working pastels. So that means a lot when you know what goes into each piece.
The best part of this pastel is that it was a gift. I had attended a gallery opening at Hope Gallery and was going piece to piece checking out the info on each piece in the price sheet. When I got to this piece on the wall it was listed NFS (not for sale) private collection -Brett Bryan. What a great way to get a gift, it is one of the most special pieces I own and admit it that is a sexy pose. It's also quite big 24" x 36", no joke. Talented by the pound -Eric Merrill -check out the video of the new studio http://www.hopegallerytattoo.com/
...and speaking of Hope Gallery another great story is how I acquired this piece from Joe Capo. This Hope -Lost -Hope Mother painting was a give away painting at an opening. They sold a bunch of raffle tickets with the money going to a cancer charity. I bought a large handful of tickets and guess what...I won....I felt bad for a minute, I own so many paintings from Joe, but I got over that quickly because I loved the painting and it hangs in my office to this day.http://www.joecapobianco.com/

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