Fine Art Friday

Direct from the King of Seattle comes this beautiful demon painting. Our long time friend Aaron Bell from Slave to the Needle painted is especially for us. What a great gift.
He even included the Pulse logo. Along with being a tattoo staple in Pacific Northwest Aaron has created a ton of great flash that we sold the wheels off for years. I would bet you could stop in to almost any street shop in America and find Aaron's designs on the wall. He has a great eye for creating what the customer wants.I also seem to remember that I spend a bunch time riding Aaron about parting with the above sailor girl painting. It was a Skin & Ink magazine cover as well as a best selling print. I love that painting (I only own a print of it) and hope he will tire of it on his wall one day and part with it. One can always hope. Still going strong -Slave_to_the_Needle_Here
Also this week comes a strong painting from artist Mike Shea. I always liked the way the classic style and tattoo elements were twisted just a bit. Mike is always doing nice work up in Boston. http://www.redemptiontattoo.com/

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