Friday, Art Time

This week brings a great pen and ink from the one and only Greg "Craola" Simkins, and yes we do have a bunch of Craola art. One - because we love it and Two- he is most talented guy working today. I love how he blends ideas and his style is instantly recognizable. That is not an easy thing to achieve, to create and right upon sight everyone knows who did it. I think that is the holy grail for an artist. He's is getting there and trust me he is going to keep pushing himself forward into that rare league of artists working today. Take a minute and check his bio, he has done art for everyone from Kid Robot to Disney to Vans to well...Us. The kid is the bomb, don't believe me, -http://www.imscared.com/
This cool little piece was a gift and I can't remember the artist name I think it was Eric and it's signed CHUNG so I assume it's a great piece from Eric Chung the painter of people inside animals. Also if I was any animal I would be an octopus or a squid, so I made a personal connection with this piece. -Oh, and the painting wasn't a gift from the artist, that would suck if he had given me the painting and I forgot his name. -BONUS- This weeks bonus piece was also a gift from our friend and artist Kore Flatmo. Kore scripted up our name in true tattoo fashion. We always meant to do T-shirts but never quite did. We did however take to using this piece as a laser burned logo for our Archer machine box. I would still like to see it make it's way to a shirt. Flatmo rocks-http://www.plurabella.com/

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