Fine Sketch Friday

Interspersed with our fine collection of paintings is some really great original sketches. My favorite is from comic artist J. Scott Campbell. He had created this Princess from G-Force drawing for a "Battle Of The Planets" trading card set. Campbell's art is traditionally colored on the computer (sidebar: isn't it funny to hear the word traditional with the word computer) so with him this is as close as you get to his original art. Most comic artists are really sketch artist because they will turn over their pencils to be outlined and colored by someone else.For my money Campbell draws just about the best girls in comics, hands down. I only wished he did a monthly title like he did with Gen13 or Danger Girl. Never lose sight of the fact comics are great place to look to be inspired. They always have inventive ideas for layouts and creating action with a flat picture. I love em. (I think I just outed myself as a geek). http://www.myspace.com/j_scott_campbell
Another great sketch we have is from artist Andrew Bawidamann. Andrew does those really graphic Pin-Ups you see on shirts and poster. He actually does some tattoo shows with his art. He mostly creates in 1-Shot auto paint, even though his stuff looks like he did it in Illustrator, he still keeps it old school. Great web store - http://www.bawidamann.com/home.html BONUS -The bonus sketch this week comes from comic artist Joe Linsner. Linsner is the creator of the infamous "Cry For Dawn" comics. Joe's Dawn character has taken on a life of her own and has the merchandising pedigree to prove it from calendars to statues to contests of look a like Dawns. She's big time. Joe Linsner wrote the foreword to Joe Capo's art book. They grew up together airbrushing in Long Island. What's in the water out there? http://www.linsner.com/

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