The New Specialist, I Think We Got It

Over the last year we have been revamping our entire line of tattoo machine frames to incorporate out new vise. It works so well that we wanted all our frames to get the treatment. When it came time to add the new vice to the Specialist a bunch of questions came flooding into my mind about some of our design choices. The Specialist was our first frame and I felt it could use a little updating. The first thing on my wish list was to do away with the back tab and the channel that we created to slip the solder lug into. It made it very easy to put the back binder onto the machine and wire it, but it also made us cut binders down just for this frame for years. It also feels a bit lopsided, I also saw an opportunity to create a window in the rear stay like the Corsair. Which I love. I also felt the side plate of the machine could go on a diet and become bit more streamlined. We have taken it in, in a bunch of places.
The new rear tab is way more aesthetically pleasing, I love the new radius and the fact we can now use a regular binder for the rear, no more shorties! All in all I am really happy with the re-design. The machine also has the new vise, is a bit lighter, and still runs those 3's and 5's like the devil. It's a whole new Specialist, and it's ready to come live with you. Check it out AllNewSpecialistHere

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